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Posted on: April 6, 2017 at 1:18 pm
  • Has your Homeowners Association or Property Manager turned off your utilities because you’re behind on payments?
  • Have they changed your locks with a device that denies you access to your home?
  • Have they removed outside doors, locks, roof, walls, windows or your property?

Without a lawful foreclosure by your Homeowners Association or an eviction by your landlord, you are protected from these actions.

FL Legal Group recently won a case against a Bay Area homeowners association that turned off the water of property owner who was behind on her maintenance.

Watch this story and learn more about what your rights are as a homeowner, and learn more about our firm and how we help our clients who are being forced out of their homes by a Homeowners Association or Property Management Company.

Check out Attorney Niurka Fernandez Asmer in action:

Fox 13 September 7, 2009

Association Cuts Resident’s Water Pipe

Just how far can a homeowner’s association go to get what is owed to them? One resident in Riverview is finding out how hard it is to live without water service.

Not as far as they think they can. Check out Nicki in action:

Fox 13 September 16, 2009

Condo Owner Gets Her Water Back On

Attorney Asmer was able to fight for Sarah’s legal rights as a homeowner and got her water turned back on. The firm gained community support in the process. Attorney Asmer believes we are all in this battle against the economic downturn.

Attorney Asmer has spent several years fighting for clients like Sarah.

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Author: Nicki Asmer
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