New Law Impacts Mortgage Foreclosure Cases in Florida

Posted on: April 6, 2017 at 1:19 pm

New Law Impacts Mortgage Foreclosure Cases in Florida

Governor Rick Scott (R) signed House Bill 87 into law on Friday June 8, 2013, relating to mortgage foreclosures in Florida.

The law allows for an expedited foreclosure process and revises the class of persons authorized to move for expedited foreclosure to include lienholders, such as homeowner’s associations and tax-lien holders.

It also provides requirements and procedures with respect to an order directed to defendant-homeowners to show cause as to why a final judgment of foreclosure should not be entered.

The law further provides that certain failures by a defendant-homeowner to make certain filings or to make certain appearances may have specified legal consequences.

In addition, the court is now required to enter a final judgment of foreclosure and order a foreclosure sale if certain circumstances are met.

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Author: Nicki Asmer
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