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Posted on: April 20, 2017 at 6:09 pm

“I retained the services of Attorney Niurka Fernandez twice. Each time, the legal services rendered were thorough and I was more than satisfied with the outcome each time.

Some of what comes to mind when I think of my satisfaction with this Attorney would be the following: The ability to get answers to my questions, no matter how small or trivial they were at times; the professional staff that I communicated with at her office was of the up-most , patient, and knowledgeable; Attorney Fernandez communicated with me before securing any final resolutions with both situations I was faced with; I felt like Attorney Fernandez was honest and up-front with me, even when the answers were not completely what I wanted them to be (she did not lead me into long drawn out decisions). She gave me the information and explained my options so that I could make the best decision for me; the price for her legal services were up-front and she never varied from what she explained the fees to be; and I felt like Attorney Fernandez did exactly as she explained to me.

I feel the need to explain that, I understood that Attorney Fernandez had to represent others during my aforementioned situations, but the staff and employees which assist her, truly work with this Attorney and not just for her. I felt like “Nicki” was my Attorney, but I had a team which worked on my cases and were informed, or knew how to get the answers that I needed.”

Debt Settlement Client

Author: Nicki Asmer
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