Take a Look at What Other Clients Have Said About Fernandez Florida Law

“During these hard times, I’ve had to make some hard choices. Nicki has been very clear in what my alternatives are. At the same time, she’s treated me with respect and her non-judgemental attitude has helped me through my problems with dignity. When she talks to my creditors it means I don’t have to talk to them. It’s like having this huge weight lifted off your shoulders.”

Anne M., Current Client

“Nicki is who you want on your side to get the job done. She was there every step of the way throughout the process and helped me to keep things in perspective.”

Stephanie S., Former Client

“Nicki has an extremely strong work ethic and always has the best interests of her client at heart. I enjoyed working with her very much.”

Deanna N., Attorney

“Thank you so much for helping me through this difficult time. If it weren’t for you, my children and I would be at a homeless shelter.”

Grace M., Client and Single Mother

“I went through the whole process of bankruptcy with Nicki Fernandez at Fernandez Florida Law. I was so embarrassed to even have to say the word “bankruptcy” but she put me at ease within the first minute of the free assessment. She told me I had nothing to be ashamed of. That, in these economic times, a lot of people were going into bankruptcy, suffering home foreclosures, doing short sales and a whole lot of stuff in order to deal with today’s economy. 

First, I was shocked at how inexpensive she was. Debt consolidators wanted thousands more than her. Secondly, I was relieved at how simple the process was. Thirdly, I was relieved that I didn’t have to be harassed by debt collectors: all I had to do was tell them to call my lawyer.

It was great and all the way through Nicki treated with respect and no judgment and took every one of my calls or email at the speed of light! I would really, really recommend her to anyone who thinks they need to do a foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale or some sort of thing to deal with these economic times. She’s the best!”

Marie T., Current Client

“I’ve seen her in courtroom, I’ve recommended her to clients, and I can offer you this advice: if you are considering bankruptcy or foreclosure, you need to meet with Ms Asmer. As a Realtor who has had over 100 short sales approved, I meet with attorneys all the time . . . and I know there is a real difference in knowledge, communication styles and results. My clients consistently rave about Ms Asmer.”

Dale Bohannon, Realtor

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work and commitment you put into our case. I was really impressed with you in court today – you had really done your research and your confidence and belief in the issue spoke for itself. I truly appreciate the hard work both you and your team put into our case; it’s not easy to go through any of this, but you have been my reassuring (and calming!) force throughout. Thanks again!”

Liane C.

“I retained the services of Attorney Niurka Fernandez twice. Each time, the legal services rendered were thorough and I was more than satisfied with the outcome each time.

Some of what comes to mind when I think of my satisfaction with this Attorney would be the following: The ability to get answers to my questions, no matter how small or trivial they were at times; the professional staff that I communicated with at her office was of the up-most , patient, and knowledgeable; Attorney Fernandez communicated with me before securing any final resolutions with both situations I was faced with; I felt like Attorney Fernandez was honest and up-front with me, even when the answers were not completely what I wanted them to be (she did not lead me into long drawn out decisions). She gave me the information and explained my options so that I could make the best decision for me; the price for her legal services were up-front and she never varied from what she explained the fees to be; and I felt like Attorney Fernandez did exactly as she explained to me.

I feel the need to explain that, I understood that Attorney Fernandez had to represent others during my aforementioned situations, but the staff and employees which assist her, truly work with this Attorney and not just for her. I felt like “Nicki” was my Attorney, but I had a team which worked on my cases and were informed, or knew how to get the answers that I needed.”

Debt Settlement Client

“Nicki: Thank you for your help with the Bankruptcy process. Compared to the others in the hearing, it was very obvious you were the most well prepared. Thanks Again and I will be sure to spread that information.

We have a friend who is a licensed broker and does short sales and will be helping us with it. I do appreciate your referral for the short sale.

Thanks again Nicki,”
Henry R.

“Nicki: I want to thank you so much for all your hard work on my bankruptcy case. You really go the extra mile for clients and helped make an unpleasant experience more pleasant. Lisa and Angelica are wonderful women and you are lucky to have such caring people working alongside you. I wish you many blessings and joy in the future! Your kindness means more than you know.

Thank you!”
Stacey I.